We are Focused Air Sales, a sub-group of Focused Air Group LLC. We are located in Miami, Florida, and provide our services locally to multiple airports and vendors in one of the busiest aviation regions in the world as well as to our loyal international customers. We work around-the-clock to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

  • Quality Products

    We maintain a high standard of quality for our materials with the help of our sister company’s quality control team, Focused Air Advising, assuring that all of our stock meets FAA/EASA standards.

  • Experienced Staff

    We have an experienced and knowledgeable workforce. Our staff has excellent professional and interpersonal communication and constantly look to improve the individual service that they provide to our customers.

  • Accurate Traceability

    We value security and credibility in the traceability that we provide for our products.

  • Fast Service

    We actively communicate with our customers for sales, information, or any questions they might have. Focused Air provides 24/7 support in order to answer any questions or requests regardless of the time.

need help? call our support:

305-901-1535 info@focusedair.com